5 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Him

The Christmas holidays are less than a month away, which means it's time to think about buying gifts. After all, the sooner you take care of it, the less problems there will be on vacation. We are ready to help you with a few suggestions.
Make a list of lucky ones who need to be given something special and check out our tips Shopping during the holidays can be quite a daunting task and we're here to help. There is nothing better than giving someone you know well a gift. After all, most likely, you know for sure what perfume she uses and what is missing in her wardrobe.


Giving your loved ones a pair of sunglasses as a holiday gift is a thoughtful thought. Giving glasses for Christmas can seem out of the ordinary for some people, so why not mix things up this year with a more unusual accessory? After all, sunglasses are used all year round. Consider sunny snow days, days you want to cover dark circles under your eyes, and days you just need a little more freshness. Sunglasses can add a touch of charm to winter looks. On Giuuno there is a vast selection of truly unique designer glasses, which make them an excellent gift for Christmas.

Want to see the entire eyewear collection, click on the photo below.

Cute sweaters 

If a cozy sweater isn't ideal for the winter holidays, then when is it? We have plenty of comfortable and stylish designer sweaters for you to choose from. Sweaters with a Christmas and winter spirit with festive prints and colors, like those of the lively brand Saint Barth. It could be a memorable gift in the spirit of the holidays, a sweater can be given to your friends or other important people in your life. For trendy minimalists, one option may be the Stone Island turtleneck - it keeps them warm without sacrificing style. Maybe you are looking for a cardigan for your father? Then check out one by Tagliatore that comes in multiple subtle shades. Great for every day and for the colder season.
Check out the full selection of sweaters by clicking on the image above.

Cashmere accessories

Cashmere gloves, hats, scarves and socks are the perfect Christmas gift for their quality. They are long-lasting, bringing endless pleasure and warmth to everything you wear. Quality cashmere hats and gloves are an inexpensive yet extravagant indulgence that many crave but few would ever indulge in.
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Cool Sneakers 

The perfect time for us to make our list and this is especially about sneakers. Without a doubt, they will be among many people's "most wanted" gifts for Christmas; for others, it's a simple, unspoken request. If you are a sneaker lover, a nice pair of sneaker can be a great gift! Or you can even treat yourself to a pair this Christmas. For this reason we have suggested you with some of the most interesting options available on Giuuno.
Check out the full selection by clicking the image above.


If you know well the person you want to give a gift to, then choose Rheyms perfume. We exclusively present a couple of perfumes on our store. Rheyms is a luxury and artistic perfumery brand. Luxurious everyday fragrances to elevate the outfit. Sabbia perfume is a unisex perfume with musk and vanilla at the base and fruity floral notes at the top. It could be great for him and her. Nuit D'Ete perfume is a sweet, spicy and woody scent that will look great as a winter perfume for romantic men, thanks to the fragrances of amber and vanilla in the heart notes. Clown and Camouflage are exotic, one-of-a-kind scents, both grounded by a base of aphrodisiac patchouli.

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