Alanui: Fashion on the go

The brand name is translated from Hawaiian as "big road". The one designed by Nicolò and Carlotta Oddi, the founders of Alanui, is quality and comfortable clothing that should be a faithful travel companion that brother and sister consider the main source of inspiration for their brand. . The creation was based on the idea of ​​affordable, high-quality and stylish women's and men's clothing, which could be worn daily for travel and without worrying about wear.


Initially, the company positioned itself as a unisex brand, specializing in the production of elegant and high-quality buttonless cardigans. However, other equally necessary and important things were soon added to the catalog: sweaters, turtlenecks, blouses and shirts, tops and T-shirts, dresses, pants and shorts, skirts, jackets and more. ALANUI also offers a line of outerwear: jackets, coats and practical, high-quality underwear. The designers dedicated the first collection to a single item: an elongated sleeveless and buttoned cardigan, which features a range of different colours. Now the brand's offer includes sweaters, ponchos and cardigans, for which up to seven different types of yarn are used. Each model is decorated with fringe or Native American iconography.

The craftsmanship

ALANUI is also known because in its production it uses only manual work, both to create models and to sew and decorate them. Furthermore, high quality Italian raw materials are used to create collections, mainly cashmere and wool, and fine accessories.
The Oddi family pays particular attention to production issues: it takes up to 11 hours to create a piece and all the elements, including the labels, are made by hand. Having identified a niche, Nicolò and Carlotta are not afraid of the monotony of things because their creations are unique, thanks to their meticulous tailoring skills.
The brand placed the authentic Italian traditions in the design and used sunny tones and shades: coral, beige, gold, mustard and others. Also, designers do not forget to decorate their models with fringes, geometric prints and large belts or buttons.

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