Best Black Friday Men's offers: what to buy on Giuuno

Black Friday is around the corner and it's a great time to shop at good prices! Giuuno has prepared some great products and your favorite brands with a 30% discount. The sales will start on Thursday evening. Therefore we have created a shopping guide and tips just for you. Let Black Friday begin!
Winter is coming and we need jackets! The right jacket will protect you from the cold and improve your wardrobe and your outfits.


Shearling coats and fleece jackets

Elegant and attractive, shearling coats are slowly becoming a staple for men's outwear. It's important to note that real fur coats cost a lot, so they're a perfect investment in the Black Friday sales!

Shearling clothing is often associated with a military background, particularly with American and British pilots during World War II. The jacket is also synonymous with cinematic icons such as Alain Delon, Robert Redford and of course Steve McQueen, especially with the beautiful piece in his 1962 film The War Lover.
Check out JOHN RICHMOND's coolest shearling coat.

Surprisingly, a shearling coat is pretty easy to put on. Its texture and volume make it easy to wear classic suits underneath, so think classic knitwear, trousers and some cool seventies brogues to finish.

Don't underestimate fleece jackets – they may be incredibly light, but that doesn't diminish their ability to serve as a winter coat. Soft and warm in every part, they are comfortable and comforting both physically and mentally.

University jackets

The American flu! From Micheal Jackson's Thriller music video to Virgil Abloh's final collection for Louis Vuitton, varsity jackets were the protagonists of the autumn/winter 2022 shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris: models and attendees preferred colorful vintage styles, adorned with playful emblems and applications.
Long before the recent hype, the late Virgil Abloh made eye-catching bomber jackets his signature. The designer's latest autumn/winter 2022 show for Off-White was shown posthumously at Paris Fashion Week, and the team staged an emotional tribute that celebrated Abloh's ingenious design approach and unique ability to combine streetwear and couture dresses in perfect harmony.
You can wear varsity jackets with turtleneck sweaters, combining classics and streetwear!

Technical parkas


The technical parka has an appeal that appeals to the masses.
Originally created by the Inuit people, the classic parka has been updated with features like insulation padding and windproof fabric. The result is a functional coat that's actually built for the rigors of winter and pairs best with other similar pieces of workwear: heavy denim, chunky boots, big thick scarves, and so on.
Technical clothing brands if you appreciate style: The North Face, CP Company, Stone Island, Woolrich.


The best men's sweaters are a lot like Pokémon: there are far more of them than you'll ever realize, and the more the merrier. We've determined the top 5 pullovers and cardigans you absolutely need in your wardrobe, and found the best versions of each for every budget.

The crewneck

It's the basic sweater to wear when you don't want to lend more brain power than necessary to look good. While there's nothing wrong with a super versatile gray heather sweater, don't be afraid to experiment with fabric, color, and silhouette.

The Turtleneck

The turtleneck is a friend!
The easiest way to make just about anything — suits, trucker jackets, flannel shirts — instantly look twice as cool.

The fake neck

The brother of the turtleneck. Why not pair a relaxed thick turtleneck with some baggy chinos and a pair of loafers? After you!

The thin cardigan

While thin cardigans can have a fitted silhouette, it's more a matter of fabric than anything else. They're best worn under a blazer as a slightly more comfortable waistcoat, or over a button-down polo for a 90s indie frontman vibe. To view other sweaters, click on the overlay image.

Accessories and Shoes


From a practical point of view, the best scarves for men will help keep the cold from infiltrating your winter coat and will also serve as a useful face covering when the icy winds roll into your city.

Chelsea boots

No boot has the enduring appeal of a Chelsea boot. Its origins date back to the Victorian age; since then, personalities from the likes of the Rolling Stones to Kanye West have used it. Not surprising, given their formal shoe appeal (in leather or suede) and their ease of donning thanks to the boot pull and elastic side panels. Every man should own at least one pair.

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