The best gifts for Christmas are on Giuuno

Shopping lists this season of the year could be scary and, with Christmas approaching, we need to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones and for ourselves. We are, therefore, here to help you with some great Christmas gift ideas for 2021.

Do you really want to please your loved ones with original gifts during the winter holidays? Luckily there is no shortage of gift ideas for New Year's and Christmas for both him and her. Often, however, few consider that classic Christmas gifts should be symbolic, sweet, and soulful.

Let's try to find a good gift for anyone, which will match the traditions and please you or your loved ones. One thing is certain: you don't want to look bad, which is why we have prepared this list of fantastic Christmas gifts for you.

Gift Ideas for Christmas

1. Sweaters and Cardigans  
2. Hoodies  
3. Gift Cards
4. Sunglasses
5. Bags and wallets
6. Accessories
7. Hats

When we think of the perfect Christmas gifts, we picture them as something that is supposed to be cozy, symbolize winter, and useful for other seasons as well. If you know the sizes and style preferences, buying a high quality garment to complete the wardrobe of your friend or relative is always a fantastic solution. Everyone needs it and will be happy to receive unique clothing or accessories.

Christmas Gift for Friends and Relatives


Nothing is more symbolic and comfortable for the Christmas holidays than a beautiful and one-of-a-kind sweater. You can choose between different price ranges, styles and designs.

Minimalist sweaters

This is perfect when you don't know what your style preferences are. So we have to choose something more casual and universal to match the taste! Let's go through our picks for the most comfortable and practical sweaters for choosing great Christmas gifts.


If you decide to give a minimalist sweater as a gift, choose festive, light colors that aren't too dark. The products above are perfect examples, very practical but not too boring.

We have a casual Ralph Lauren sweater available in various shades. It will look good on anyone and can be worn to work with formal trousers and as an everyday item with jeans.

Light gray turtleneck sweater by Brunello Cucinelli with a slightly larger knit. The intimacy of this turtleneck is perfect for the winter season, it is elegant and above all it is of high quality. In short, to be taken absolutely into consideration!

Comfortable green cardigan by Tagliatore with ribbed knit, which recalls the Christmas period with its colors. You can wear it anytime of the year and anywhere, it's super practical and non-trivial.

Last but not least, we have another Brunello Cucinelli turtleneck. It will keep you warm and is a high quality sweater so if it is within your budget, the person receiving it will be absolutely delighted.

Themed or unique designs

If you know that the person you're gifting for isn't afraid of bright and unique designs, these sweaters are for you!


There are so many to choose from, but we've handpicked some of the most appropriate options for the upcoming holiday season! An elegant red GCDS sweater, for example, will look great on both men and women. Comfortable Diesel cardigan with knit prints and patterns. St Barth, on the other hand, gives us postcard winter scenery and it will be great to take it out on a ski trip this season. Finally, an abstract design sweater by Neil Barrett: it's super stylish and practical to spice up your monochromatic look.


Stylish and comfortable hoodies are always a must in a wardrobe. They are perfect for keeping warm in the colder seasons but let's not forget that they can also be a great gift. A designer hoodie during the Christmas sales perhaps from one of your favorite brands is really the perfect idea! You can buy one for yourself and your loved ones. Below we will look at some unisex hoodies with different price ranges.

We absolutely adore the new hybrid hoodie from Dolce&Gabbana that fits perfectly with the season. The other three sweaters you see are pretty minimalistic with some chic details, like Comme des Garçon's iconic red heart and Versace Jeans' colorful "Couture" lettering. A beautiful deep red hooded sweatshirt with a washed effect from Stone Island completes our selection of hooded sweatshirts. And if this selection doesn't convince you, you can take a look at the other hoodies on Giuuno!

Gift Cards

If you are thinking about a gift to give, know that receiving a gift card is one of the best Christmas gifts! The other person can get exactly what they like best to suit their personal taste. On we offer gift vouchers of 50,100,200,300 euros, in short, for all budgets. Consider giving a gift card when you don't know what the other person might like.

Christmas Gift Card for friends and family


Most of the time, designer sunglasses come in unique and unbeatable designs. Sunglasses always add a sense of contemporary taste to even the simplest look. Since this great accessory doesn't harm anyone's personal style, you are faced with one of the winning gift ideas for Christmas. Also, sunglasses are never too many and you can choose them for different styles and looks to make your outfit more stylish. In short, authentic and high-quality sunglasses are loved by everyone.

We bring you some of the latest designs from streetwear brands like Palm Angels and Off-White that will melt the heart of any fashionista. And, of course, they're all unisex! For her and for him.

Bags & Wallets

Everyone owns at least one or two bags as an accessory to carry the necessary personal effects or add a certain mood to the outfit. We have prepared a shopping list of handbags and wallets from high-end brands to accommodate all your valuables.


A wallet is a must! Here are some card holders and wallets that you can buy during the Christmas sales on Giuuno. A high-end, high-quality wallet is the perfect Christmas gift for successful men. Wallets are an accessory; thus, they are an ideal gift because they are high quality and affordable. However, those who believe in superstitions believe that certain rituals should be observed when opting for this gift. Both women's and men's wallets should be presented only to people who are close and well understand our intentions. For example, donating a wallet with a small amount of money is equivalent to wishing the other prosperity. Therefore, it is not good to buy a new one for a person with whom you are not in a close relationship or a colleague you cannot stand.

However, we have selected some options for this type of gift as well.

Bags, backpacks and pouches

Since ancient times, the purse has held its owner's essential valuables and symbolized accumulated experience and knowledge. Designer handbags with monograms and brand labels not only attract attention and establish someone's status, but add a special edge to the overall look! A modest black leather briefcase is a perfect gift for the elegant businessman. A backpack, travel or sports accessory is suitable for a young person who lives an active lifestyle. The crossbody bag goes well with business and casual attire. With a sporty style, take a pouch like the one from Moncler. Consider getting the bags below for yourself or the ones you love the most.


We are fortunate to live in an age where anyone can wear jewelry without being judged. We recommend the unisex models of Ambush which are sophisticated and suitable for both men and women. Here are our favorite picks for this season.


Gorgeous winter season calls for a hat! And this is really a good gift for both a man and a woman. Unless you live somewhere with a year-round warm tropical climate. But even then, beanies can be used as an accessory when it's just a little colder. Many people believe that a hat is an essential wardrobe item because it influences the way a person thinks.

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