The history of the Isabel Marant brand: Parisian chic that survives

If the famous Parisian chic is already a national brand, then one of its outstanding faces can rightfully be considered Isabel Marant, a native of the French capital. It seems that it was she who invented the typical classic look for Parisians: skinny jeans, a voluminous sweater and carelessly styled hair. All these proven techniques came in handy for creating women's clothing and taking part in men's fashion. The hoodies and t-shirts from the new collection will therefore be a perfect match for your casual outfit this spring!

The success of Isabel Marant

Isabel - the creator of the brand of the same name, began her career as a designer long before creating her own company. At the age of 16, Marant met Christophe Lemaire, the future founder of Lemaire and creative director of Lacoste and Hermès. The couple continued to swap clothes and finally realized that it was a good opportunity to make some money. Inspired by Dexy's Midnight Runners and new fashion names such as Vivienne Westwood, Yohji Yamamoto and Comme des Garçons, Isabel and Christophe created Allée Simple. Isabel had planned to study economics, but her passion for fashion uncompromisingly changed this plan. Marant thus joined the Studio Berçot Institute of Fashion Design. Director Marie Ruki advised her to devote herself completely to her new life and not to force others to wear what she didn't want. The designer then founded her brand in 1990. At first she gave it the name Twen, but four years later she renamed it Isabel Marant. Twelve months later, the fashion house launched its first summer collection which immediately met with enormous interest.

The Iconic Sneakers: a Boom in the Fashion world

One of the flagship products of the brand are platform sneakers, which in different countries were called beketts. The novelty gained such widespread popularity that everyone began to wear them: from schoolgirls to celebrities. Now the Isabel Marant produces clothes for men and women of different ages, as well as accessories, shoes and jewelry. All items created by the brand exude a spirit of freedom, courage and a love for all that stands out from the crowd.

The style of Isabel Marant

Isabel strives to create clothes that you can spend the whole day in, whether you're out and about or doing some activity. Obviously, they are products that make you feel comfortable, but without sacrificing style. Isabel Marant's collections are based on basic shades (beige, milky and deep blue), boho style (airy skirts and small floral prints), as well as retro silhouettes (stiff shoulders on jackets, leather suits and boots gathered with harmonica). There are minimal tops, basic sweaters and outerwear: that is, products for every occasion and context. Isabel Marant's aesthetic is instantly recognizable in each of them: relaxed and collected at the same time, full of chic and minimalism. Since 1994 it has been an aesthetic that is constantly updated but also traditional at the same time. Hoodies and t-shirts from the Spring 2022 collection will give you a casual-relaxed look with cargo pants and sneakers. Isabel Marant also creates the right mood for a soft cotton outfit with the help of a free silhouette and dropped shoulder line. The front has been decorated with a large print in the form of the brand logo.

In the brand's catalog, fans of almost any stylistic direction will be able to find a suitable thing for themselves. In particular, it can range between:

  • Boho
  • Classic
  • Vanguard
  • Glam
  • Minimalism
Isabel Marant is a journey into fantasy with continuous experimentation that will distinguish you from those around you, even on vacation or in a crowded city.

Click on the image above to see the Isabel Marant Spring Summer 2022 men's presentation.

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