Missoni: Creativity and Versatility

The unique style of the Italian brand "Missoni" is easily recognizable all over the world. The zigzag motif and the impeccably smooth seams are the hallmarks of the company: therefore the two main components of this concept-brand are color and material. Thanks to the masterful play of shades in geometric patterns and the characteristic multicolored zigzag ornament, Missoni received the unofficial title of "genius of color".


The history of the Fashion House

Founded in 1947 by Ottavio Missoni, the eponymous Italian fashion house is known around the world for its signature zigzag pattern, vibrant color palette and chic knitwear. Until 2021 Missoni was one of the few companies in the fashion sector still family-run: it was managed by Angela (Creative Director of Casa Missoni since 1996) and Luca, sons of Ottavio and Rosita Missoni.

Earlier this year it was announced that Givenchy Alum Filippo Grazioli will take on the role of creative director. Grazioli, 40, succeeded Alberto Caliri, who assumed the post on an interim basis after Angela Missoni, the founder's daughter, resigned last year due to a management reorganisation.

Grazioli said: "I am grateful for the opportunity I have been given and for the chance to further shape my experience into a new vision that retains the joy, freshness, sense of color and positivity which are the core qualities by Missoni".

Brand Identity

Missoni creates luxury collections of women's and men's clothing. The famous "zigzag of luck" has become so popular that it now adorns the brand's clothes and all kinds of architectural and artistic objects, after all, Missoni designers have kept the traditions of their brand unchanged for decades. The zigzag knitwear in different colors of this famous Italian fashion house is known all over the world, as is the ability to combine it with other knitting methods to create patchwork patterns.






The brand's designers draw inspiration from the art of South America, Africa and India. Also for this reason the Missoni knitwear samples are on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and at the Museum of Costume in England. The items are crocheted with the help of computer technologies, which make it possible to dye the thread in complex colors and make it from a single thread without sewing it piece by piece.

The quality of knitting is impeccable both from the inside and from the front of the product, therefore all products are distinguished by perfectly smooth and flawless seams. From season to season, Missoni designers continue to excite with sophisticated and intelligent plays of colour, prints and silhouettes. Recent collections show bright decorations and bold cutouts as well as abstract and floral motifs, as well as unusual combinations of geometric shapes. Coats, dresses, skirts, trousers, knitwear - for women; suits, trousers, shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, men's jackets and shoes, accessories and children's clothing: all these wardrobe items are included in the new Missoni collection.

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