MORPH: Style in a Bottle

In addition to clothing and accessories, men wear perfume to complete a look. After all, a perfume helps reveal your personality, your character and also influences people's perception of you. It's not enough to pour half a bottle of perfume on yourself every day. You must carefully choose the fragrance that sets you apart. Today, therefore, we will talk about an iconic perfume brand.

MORPH is an Italian brand that makes artistic perfumes and reveals the work of a group of young designers and marketers of this sector who are led by Dr. Andrea Angelino.
Morph made its debut in 2014 with the launch of eight products that are now part of the Luxury collection. In November 2015, the line was completed by Indomable which revealed cashmere and vanilla shades. Six months later, Vision saw the light - an aromatic composition built around the notes of the Asian plant Litzeya Cubeba.
In the growing market of artistic perfumes, uniqueness and authenticity continue to gain importance. In view of this, the central theme of MORPH is the constant refinement or re-engineering of all aspects of creation, production and distribution
MORPH innovates and transforms everything from the past. Create something extraordinary and unique, which can stand up to temporary trends and concepts. MORPH stands for style, passion and quality, the result of a meticulous search for the best natural essences that have been carefully selected from all over the world.
MORPH doubles the amount of commonly used essences to thus create a perfume with greater resistance and intensity. MORPH reflects the constant metamorphoses of life. The driving force is therefore the desire to break the traditional rules and change the world of fragrances.
MORPH develops through continuous contacts with people from all over the world, thus linking with other cultures. Smells that amaze, surprise and delight. Smells that make you think and dream.

In our store we have a couple of incredible fragrances available: Indomable is one of the original, sophisticated and elegant oriental-woody unisex perfumes that entered the rightfully into the aromatic collection of MORPH in 2017.. In its uniform and slightly restrained "mood", the perfume seems to reveal an incredible passion, which seems about to explode in a crazy tsunami of emotions.

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