Nanushka: a Hungarian ethical brand to know

Ethical manufacturing, vegan leather, minimalist design and recognition from leading influencers and celebrities.
Hungarian brand Nanushka was founded in 2005 by Budapest designer Sandra Sandor. However, the brand really only became popular a couple of years ago when Peter Baldasti joined the team and took over. For a long time, the founder and designer of the Hungarian brand Sandra Sandor worked only in the local market, dressing the residents of Budapest in elegant Nanushka dresses. In 2016, the brand went international: Sandor decided to make herself and her idea known all over the world. Two years later, she joined New York Fashion Week, gained support from top fashion influencers, and her clothes ended up in the wardrobes of Kaia Gerber, Rihanna, Dua Lipa and Gigi Hadid.
Nanushka is an excellent example of a brand with designs that are exciting, functional, well packaged and made from quality materials. It can easily fit into both an office dress code and your day off. The brand is particularly focused on leather: dresses, tops, trousers and the voluminous puffer jackets that made Nanushka famous. In 2017, the caramel-colored down jacket dominated Instagram feeds throughout the fall-winter season.
The men's line appeared relatively recently: in 2019, while working on it, Sandra Sandor ensured that all the key features of the brand and its values ​​\u200b\u200bare preserved here as well.


Nanushka is Sandor's childhood nickname given to her by her father. She couldn't pronounce her shortened name - Sandy - and kept saying Nani, which eventually became the touching Nanushka. Her mother also played a key role in this story, pushing her daughter to choose a profession. She founded one of the first children's wear businesses in Hungary, and Sandor herself often became a rehearsal model. The designer has repeatedly stated that she grew up surrounded by patterns, fabrics, threads and buttons and realized early enough that she was going to connect her life with fashion.

Sustainability and Social Media

The DNA of the brand is a blend of cultures and traditions of the West and the East. Nanushka is characterized by a minimalist design and a sharp silhouette. Sandor uses an essential and natural color palette, paying great attention to the quality of the materials. One of the main directions of the brand is sustainability. The design team is made up of several people who control all supply chains, fabrics and materials.
The brand is famous for its eco-leather, for which fashionistas fell in love with Nanushka. Down jackets, dresses, skirts, shirts and jackets are a dream for those who care about fashion and the environment at the same time. The brand uses an innovative proprietary material that mimics the structure of natural leather but is created by applying polyurethane on a textile base in compliance with Cruelty-Free standards.
Instagram and the development of social media have played a significant role in the success of the brand. The aesthetic and elegant notes in the brand's official account have attracted the attention of many bloggers who have started to covet the trendy items of the Hungarian designer in their collection. In 2019, a quilted down jacket made of faux leather became the main must-have of the fall-winter season, and after Rihanna's appearance in a knitted midi dress with laces at the waist, we all began to dress alike.

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