Parajumpers: aesthetics and comfort in extreme weather conditions

Winter is around the corner and we have to be ready. If you live in a northern region or love to go skiing in the winter, then you should consider the brand we are talking about today. Its garments will keep you warm in extreme weather conditions and allow you to feel comfortable in any type of winter sport! The time has come to get to know Parajumper up close!

This brand was founded by designer Massimo Rossetti in 2005 who was inspired by an encounter with an American paratrooper who worked as a rescuer in freezing Alaska. The company produces and packages clothing for those who enjoy an active lifestyle and extreme weather conditions. His most famous garments are leather jackets, down jackets, quilted vests and anoraks.

This relatively young brand (usually abbreviated to JPS) appeared in Italy in 2005 but quickly gained worldwide appreciation. In addition to jackets and down jackets, Parajumpers makes complementary accessories such as sweatshirts and more.

The founder

Massimo Rossetti is a renowned fashion designer who sought to create a line of clothing that could warm you up at high altitudes or when temperatures drop. The concept of the brand is that things should always be warm and not cause inconvenience to the wearer. Even before the creation of his collection, Rossetti had years of experience behind him, which is why the brand gained popularity and trust.

The history of the brand was born from a chance meeting. The famous Italian designer Massimo Rossetti met a member of the 210th Rescue Squadron in a bar in Alaska, aka a paratrooper who inspired the style of Parajumpers.

During the conversation, she asked him about the rescue operations that took place in extreme conditions in Anchorage, Alaska and about the tasks of Squadron 210 which are centered on the rescue of both climbers stranded at altitude and shipwrecked survivors. The representatives of the squadron wear comfortable military clothes, and Massimo Rossetti himself noticed this during conversations. The Motto of the 210th Squadron is "We do these things, so that others can live". Rossetti added: "...and to feel at ease".

After an informal chat in a bar, the Italian designer started working with Ape. The project was entirely dedicated to creating a collection of innovative winter jackets. It was of paramount importance to make outerwear functional, comfortable and attractive at the same time.

The characteristics of the brand

Parajumpers is military/utility style clothing. In the first collection, the features of the military style were especially pronounced. In addition to the design, functional characteristics indicated adherence to the military style. Cut, accessories - everything is selected for wearing clothing in the most extreme northern regions. In any case, it is never out of place, especially in the city when temperatures drop significantly. That's why ski lovers and even professional athletes began to pay attention to parajumpers.

Despite their fondness for militaristic design, Parajumpers has long been a favorite among urban fashion aficionados as well. You can wear such a jacket for your daily routine, or during long hikes in the mountains in winter: you'll feel warm and safe everywhere. How come?

Because the brand uses methods that are as simple as they are effective for pre-stitching control of any material used to create a new model. For casual wear enthusiasts and those who love the brand, Parajumpers has a line of hooded sweatshirts that are particularly suitable for the winter season.

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