Spring 2022 style trends

The streetwear aesthetic, which has captured the fashion of recent years, is finally fading. Now the focus is on the good old classics, always charming but this time renewed.

Elegant outdoor combinations

The perfect union of opposites. Combining different styles is nothing new in fashion, however here we discover the possibility of combining classic garments with outdoor garments. The style fits well with those who like both sides and don't want to stray too far from their comfort zone. How does it work?
The formula is simple: you have to balance the pieces of both styles in one look. One example is wearing semi-formal trousers with a jacket.
Another solution is to have a complete formal look and combine it with outdoor style boots, it might seem out of place, but it is the core of this styling technique.

Homogeneous layering

Layering is not a fashion but a real rule of survival (especially for those who don't want to wear bulky furs and down jackets when it's cold, raising awareness of the ethical and ecological movement). Designers have finally figured out how to make this struggle for survival appealing by actively seeking uniformity, materials and nuances instead of wearing everything casually.

Use a belt

In cold climates, wear long, loose-fitting clothes in multiple layers so you don't suffer from the cold. Layering and creating an oversized silhouette are classic tricks in the fashion world, but to make such an outfit more interesting, top it off with a sweater or cardigan. A belt can help alter your silhouette and will be a great addition to your image.

Sewing and knitting

Another trick is to use old-fashioned embroidery techniques with your garments.
The best examples of this trend are embroidered tank tops, scarves and hats, which are particularly impressive when paired with coats and dresses.

Brightly colored trousers

It's time to spice up your wardrobe of black, gray and blue with bold pieces. And while your office dress code may not accept bright yellow pants, hardly anyone will object to dark green or purple ones. Either way, these pants will come in handy in your everyday wardrobe when you get tired of the ubiquitous jeans. You can pair colorful pants with patterned sweaters or something more subdued like plain shirts and sweatshirts.

Suits for every day

Brands that have prioritized the classics in their seasonal offerings have completely rethought their approach to dressing for Spring/Summer 2022, opting for the majority to create comfortable two-piece combos that can be worn to the office or for a quick trip to the shop.

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