Tagliatore Brand: the history of classic Italian style

The idea for a new collection can be found in the smallest details, such as the texture of a fabric, the nuance of color or a check motif, thanks to the creative imagination of its stylist

. Tagliatore is a classic Italian menswear brand. It has a long history and traditions that are handed down to the fourth generation of the family. The family-run brand, with a strong evocative meaning, has been effectively communicated for many years through a frank and at the same time creative image.

A story with a strong emotional impact that favors the product in all its stylistic excellence.

Tagliatore relies on a combination of rich experience and practical knowledge aimed at creating unique and easily recognizable models. Each collection is a small work of art, fruit of the creative activity of Pino Lerario.

Through manpower and specialist knowledge, the Lerario company has been able to successfully support and expand a production line entirely made in Italy and with a strong sense of identity over the years. Promoting Made in Italy, which is of the highest quality and designed to be innovative, strengthens the manufacturing sector and creates the basis for global expansion.

While most of the Italian manufacturing companies have moved their activities to countries with lower labor costs, the Lerario company has continued to rely on the great professionalism of its 180 beloved employees, producing 340 garments a day in its factory and supplying them to about 800 customers both in Italy and abroad.

The sophisticated look you get for your wedding dresses with Tagliatore is unmatched. The collections enhance the classic charm of tradition with made in Italy quality.

In addition to various lines for adults, the brand produces suits for young gentlemen, focusing on the smart casual style.
Tagliatore also specializes in tailoring suits and jackets with high quality materials and superior quality finishes, often in an elegant British style. Aesthetic education begins from childhood, so boys are offered no less elegant models that instill a sense of taste in the younger generation.

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