The Shoes of the Spring 2022 Collection

For all those who are thinking about updating their wardrobe, we have collected the main sneaker trends for this spring. This year, in fact, much of the attention is paid to the latest collections of walking shoes. Today, sneakers can be combined not only with matching sportswear, but also with classic and glamorous looks. There are plenty to choose from.


They are elegant, versatile and minimalistic. White sneakers are timeless classics that look appropriate almost anytime, anywhere.

We're talking about a pair of sneakers that will look great with whatever you decide to wear. It's always a great idea to buy a new pair to freshen up your shoe collection, as these types are a must have. However, in the coming season, they will also have to make room for colorful models decorated with various patterns. Among the most visible patterns are ethnic motifs, geometric ones and subcultural paisley prints.

The spirit of the 90s

The fashion world continues to be nostalgic for the 90s, and if you too want to remember the time when you loved wearing those sneakers, check out the chunky sneakers below.

Prints & Patterns

Yes, in men's fashion there are animal finishes, patterned details and color contrast elements. Let's see the most interesting!

Spring is the best season to add bright colors to your wardrobe. Sneakers with colored inserts are a style solution that will allow you to refresh any basic look.

Fire, space prints, paint splatters and animalistic images will fit well. These shoes should be worn with plain clothes.

Silver space

Classic design and moon motifs - here's another trend! Metallic leather, minimalist design, space logo - all these details have the right to be called "cult".

Textured and Structured

This spring Valentino offers knit sneakers, Bottega Veneta fabric sneakers with textured weaving and Golden Goose sneakers made of soft leather with lived-in effect and five-pointed star-shaped application. And how can we forget the structured cut-out sneakers by Maison Margiela in collaboration with Rebook?

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