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10 Men Essentials That Will Never Go Out of Style

10 Men Essentials That Will Never Go Out of Style - 1
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Men rarely think about fashion trends or what outfit they should try today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow to look as respectable and professional as possible. However, an attractive appearance does not necessarily mean a lot of effort and time.

Some things will suit absolutely everyone and will be appropriate in any situation. There are only ten things that should be in the wardrobe of a man to combine the right outfit and look good on any occasion. So, let’s consider what fundamental clothing in a man’s wardrobe must be there and why.

What is a "basic wardrobe"?

A “basic wardrobe” is a collection of classic and versatile pieces that allow you to create many harmonious looks. The basic rules to consider when forming a “basic wardrobe” are versatility, relevance, neutrality, good cut, and quality materials. Let’s look at two styles in particular: Classic and casual style.

Classic Style

10 Men Essentials That Will Never Go Out of Style - 2


An expensive and stylish coat will always be a win-win option, emphasizing elegance and helping to create the perfect silhouette. It is better to choose a coat according to your figure, especially in high quality. In cold weather, you can wear a warmed jumper or even a sweater under your coat.


Blazer is a piece of clothing that can be a bit tricky when it comes to choosing the right one to suit your lifestyle. Some blazers can be suitable for formal, business casual, or even streetwear looks. The most common colors to pay attention to is navy blue, black, and brown. As many might think these are quite dull colors but do not forget we are looking for being able to match it with as many pieces in your wardrobe as possible. Here are some of the picks you can style both with classic and casual/streetwear looks:


White shirts are no doubt a must for special occasions. Also, a man’s wardrobe should include shirts that can be worn under a formal suit, trousers of different styles, and jeans:

-plain (burgundy, blue, pale blue, light pink);

-with a colored plaid, a small pattern, with a thin strip;

-with a print that reflects stylistic preferences;


The basic men’s wardrobe includes at least three pairs of trousers:

-Classic men’s trousers in the blue or gray color scheme.

-Chinos made of thickened cotton in mustard, dark blue, or gray. While choosing the right cut of your pants, it is necessary to consider your figure.

-Cool pants, which corresponds to the type of figure. Skinny, pipes, wide trousers of the original color are suitable – mustard, red, indigo, green.

Casual Style

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Men’s jackets can be:

-Quilted. The famous model with a corduroy collar, a zipper, many pockets. This jacket is ideal for creating a trendy layered look, combined with a jacket or blazer, sweater, and even a tie;

-Leather or biker jacket. They are great with jeans, sweaters, shirts, T-shirts.


Sweatshirts and hoodies are a must for those who value comfort because they come in different colors and designs. Sweatshirts and hoodies in solid colors are usually very practical and can be styled with blazers and straight cut trousers.


Pullovers and sweaters are perfect for the coldest season. Having a haute couture pullover in your collection will never hurt your look. Choose a model that is tight, but not too thin or tight to hide what you are wearing under the pullover.


The trendy polo shirt is a timeless classic that perfectly complements the casual style. Such shirts are made of high-quality cotton, perfectly keep their shape, absorb moisture. It is customary to wear a polo shirt with chinos and sneakers. The uniform of American tycoons spending time on personal yachts is polo in tandem with chinos shorts.


Probably, every men’s wardrobe contains jeans. Versatile denim pants that can be styled with any top, fit perfectly into a functional everyday style. What kind of jeans should you have in your closet?
Jeans’ color can be different – black, dark blue, light blue, indigo. It is easy to combine jeans with any top – T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, shirts, jumpers, blazers. The situation is the same with shoes – loafers, trainers, sneakers and even heavy boots are all going to look perfect.


Given the rise in popularity of the athletic style, the need for footwear such as trainers or sneakers is not surprising. But the most relevant color remains white, as seen on fashion shows of famous brands, on the street, and even on red carpets. All branded sneakers are made of high-quality materials, tailored to the maximum for comfort and an active lifestyle.

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