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5 Inspiring Styling Trends for Men in 2021

5 Inspiring Styling Trends for Men in 2021 - 1
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The fashion of 2021 presents beautiful silhouettes, neutral and vibrant shades that will inspire your style! The catwalks introduced different ideas and ways to walk into the new year with style, and it is time to draw down what trends will be in the spotlight according to our observations.

  1. New Utility
  2. The 70s style
  3. Casual+ Classics
  4. Asymmetrical Minimalism
  5. Monochrome but BOLD

The New Utility

First amazing styling trend that does not only look amazing but it is practical and comfortable. “New Utilitarianism” mixed everything that it possibly could: sportswear, safari, military-style, and work uniform. The trend is always about slightly loose clothes in colors like beige, khaki, brown, dark blue, and similar shades. This styling trend is suitable for anyone who values comfort but most importantly people of any age can try adding it to their wardrobe. Here is an example of a New Utilitarian style:

70’s vibes

We all sometimes wish to dive into a style of another century and fashion nowadays allows us to do so. The trend has a modern twist to it, or else people will think you are crazy. In the ’70s, people dressed boldly and brightly. During this decade, fashionable looks replaced each other, but most of them attracted attention with bright colors, fabrics, the silhouette was tight-fitting at the top and relaxed at the bottom. Incorporate ’70s iconic elements into your modern wardrobe for a charming retro look and here is an idea of how:

The Mix of Casual + Classics

The boundaries between “white collars” and fans of hipster style are almost invisible today. At first glance, you will not understand who is in front of you – the top manager of a large company or an employee of the nearest barbershop. And this is great!

Men’s fashion in 2021 allows men to express their style without leaving the confines of a classic suit. Modern street style looks are a real joy for body and soul. After all, they are comfortable, beautiful, and warm in changeable spring weather. Most importantly is a simple styling trick that will make you look on point!

Asymmetrical Minimalism

The minimalistic style is based on the idea “less is more” and what kind of interpretation it gets is a matter of personal taste. For a minimalist, the amount of detail and playfulness of the look is minimized. In a world where many people put all their efforts to attract attention to their clothes, a person in things in basic colors and simple cut can become more noticeable than others. In 2021 the asymmetrical minimalism means we are looking for baggy and sometimes disproportional looks. Here are some ideas for your winter look in minimalistic style:


Monochrome is not a momentary trend, but a classic. It is appropriate in the case of a suit, in casual style, and sportswear. You do not need to combine multiple colors to attract attention. Monochromatic outfits were popular for a couple of years now however, runways turned this classic trend into more than just simple neutral monochrome but with a bold twist. Now, we see more looks with vibrant colors in similar shades that look amazing!

Which styling trend will you try next?

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