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70s Fashion Trend in Spring 2021

tendenze anni 70 moda 2021
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Fashion is a combination of trends, eras, ideas, and memories. Often, seemingly forgotten topics suddenly return to the catwalks and conquer the red carpet. We decided to find out why this is happening, and figure out what the matter is, paying attention to the eternal 1970s.

Military and country style, ethnic elements, and aristocratic aesthetics could be in fashion at the same time. We see the same thing in today’s fashion space: several trends exist in parallel (sometimes for many seasons), allowing each of us to choose something to our liking, be it wide-leg trousers and a felt hat, or a colorful poncho and platform shoes.

An interesting fact, the concept of a “basic” wardrobe also appeared in the 70s. Today, a significant part of the “basic” things come from that period. Take, for example, a trouser suit, without which it is impossible to imagine either office everyday life or fashionable parties. As it was forty years ago, it is complemented by a turtleneck or a blouse with a bow if it is about work, or a silk v-neck shirt if it is an informal event.

How to Wear 70s style today?

The concept of mix & match, which is popular today, also comes from the seventies: they came up with a combination of designer and vintage things, ethnicity and hand-made. The fashion for such mixes was introduced by the early hippies, who built their style at the union of romantic historicism and ethnic borrowings.

Bright Colors

The bright colors concept was one of the essentials elements of the 70s style. It was always about yellow, orange, pink, red, green, and blues. This was a way to stand out by matching many colors at once. In the past seasons, designers present colorful designs inspired by the 70s.

Rock Glam of the Mid 70s

This style was popular in Britain with the popularity of such musicians David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. The key styles of Glam Rock are tuxedo jackets, satin shirts, leather jackets, silk, oversized collars, and shoes on the platform.

Late 70s Disco Style

The disco style is all about three-piece suits in different colors and pointed collar shirts. It might seem hard to pull off such a look today but we can incorporate some of the elements into today’s fashion trends.

The Shoes of 70s

The biggest shoe trend of the decade were shoes on the high platform. Some of the modern pairs that were also popular are cowboy boots, Oxford shoes, and Birkenstock.


The accessories that come from the 70s to today’s fashion are bold and vibrant scarfs, ties, and belts. It is easy to include those in your spring and summer looks.

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