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8 Common Mistakes Men Make While Choosing a Classic Suit

errori da evitare quando acquisti un abito
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A suit is an essential element of every man’s wardrobe. Regardless of fashion trends and your style, some things remain the same.

An excellent classic suit is a must-have in any man’s wardrobe, but few people know how to choose the right one. We will talk about the eight most common mistakes when trying on and buying a suit.

If you do not consider several important criteria when trying on a new suit, you can look ridiculous and feel uncomfortable at an important event.

1. Inappropriate for The Place, Time, and Status

8 Common Mistakes Men Make While Choosing a Classic Suit - 1

Before buying a suit, you must understand where you will wear it: the style and fabric choice depend on it. For work, business negotiations, and official events, classic 2-3 with a strict and minimalist cut will be suitable for such occasion. Such a suit matches the business dress code, and its owner will look respectable.

For every day, you should choose less formal models in casual style. You can even get by with one jacket made of tweed, cotton, linen – it will look great with smooth trousers with cuffs.

A formal suit with ceremonial style elements, such as a tuxedo, looks strange in a cafe or during a walk in the park. You shouldn’t wear it without a suitable solemn occasion.

2. Size Does Not Match

8 Common Mistakes Men Make While Choosing a Classic Suit - 2

The suit should limit movement, cause discomfort, or hang you like on a hanger: it will not look respectable. You can determine whether the size has been chosen correctly on your own using a small checklist

  1. There should be no creases on the sleeve.
  2. The collar of the jacket fits snugly around the neck.
  3. If the buttons are fastened, there should be no X-folds on the belly. They indicate that the jacket is small.
  4. The shoulders of the jacket sit flat on the shoulders, do not hang down.
  5. The jacket’s back is flat and does not gather in horizontal or vertical folds.

3. Long Blazer

8 Common Mistakes Men Make While Choosing a Classic Suit - 3

Even if the jacket fits well at the waist and shoulders, the wrong length can easily ruin the impression. Finding out the classic length of a jacket is very simple: you need to stand up straight and lower your arms. Ideally, the hem should be at the level with the toes.

4. Lunghezza manica sbagliata

8 Common Mistakes Men Make While Choosing a Classic Suit - 4

Sleeve length is perhaps the most critical criterion for determining whether a jacket fits or not. There is a definitive rule that makes it easy to find the ideal sleeve length: it should end at the wrist bone, about 12 cm above the thumb’s tip. The shirt cuffs should protrude 1–1.5 cm from under the jacket sleeves.

If the jacket fits perfectly and the sleeves are longer than the generally accepted standard, you should go to a professional to adjust to the desired parameters.

5. Long Pants

8 Common Mistakes Men Make While Choosing a Classic Suit - 5

Disproportionately long trousers, which are gathered on the legs like an accordion, are one of the ugliest details in the image of a man, which is impossible not to notice.

Correct leg length is when the pants’ front bottom edge rests on the shoe and forms a slight crease. From the side of the heel, the pants are 1–1.5 cm longer. For such a fit, the edge is specially hemmed obliquely.

When a man walks or sits down, the trousers can be lifted up and slightly open the socks. This is okay. You just need to wear high enough elastic socks that cover the lower part of the calves. It is a

bad form if a bare leg is visible between the socks and the legs of the trousers. This happens if the socks are too short or slipping.

6. Bad color choice

Classic suit colors are black, blue, gray, and gray-blue. In the cold season, stylists recommend wearing dark colors in the warm season – light colors.

If you need one suit and buying multiple sets is not part of your plans, it is better to choose a practical color, such as blue, which designers now call the “new black.” The dark shade of blue looks noble and fits into any environment.

Blue suits are also popular and attractive because they are easy to match with shirts and accessories. A white shirt is suitable for an evening look, and a business one – a shirt in a plaid or stripe pattern.

Gray and navy blue suits are considered versatile for different situations and seasons. With a black suit, you need to be careful not to look like a funeral director – it is worth choosing accessories carefully. A white suit is not acceptable for a business look, even if it is hot outside.

7. Cheap and Low-Quality Fabric

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A suit is a man’s business card, so you shouldn’t save money on it. The suit may be well-tailored, but low-quality material will ruin the experience anyway. This does not mean that you need to pay 20,000 euros for a suit. A good suit can be bought for 600-1000 euros.

It is worth focusing on suits in which the wool content is at least 55%, and the rest is synthetic fibers like polyester. It is better not to take products made entirely of artificial threads: they quickly lose their shape and wrinkle. The lining should be thin and smooth, preferably made of soft and absorbent viscose.

8. Wrong Fit of Trousers

8 Common Mistakes Men Make While Choosing a Classic Suit - 11

Classic trousers should not be loose or fit your legs. A mid-rise is needed if there is a need to visually adjust the silhouette: it is universal and suitable for any figure. High or low waistlines can distort body proportions.

The old-fashioned pintucks at the waist spoil the image and make it look fat. We recommend choosing trousers with no folds at the waist: they fit better and look more modern.

During the fitting, inspect the pants: the arrows’ lines should not break in someplace, and the pockets should not bulge. Squat down: if you feel that your pants are tight, then they are small for you.

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