Ami- French Brand of Extraordinary Menswear

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Real clothes for real men – this is how its creator, Alexander Matussi, characterizes his brand.

France has always been associated with fashion, impeccable taste and unique style. Many brands originated in the homeland of excellent wine, delicious cheese, elegance, delicacy and luxury. The Ami brand was no exception, which has achieved significant success in the global industry. The company has several fashionable boutiques in the heart of Paris and a broad retail network worldwide.

Secrets of the French Contemporary Brand

The meaning of the word Ami is highly arguable. On the one hand, the name literally translates as a friend. On the other hand, it resembles the name of its founder Alexander Mattiussi. The creator himself wanted to give the clothes comradely qualities to be attractive, accessible, and evoke the wearer’s most positive emotions.

Philosophical and Conceptual Framework

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Alexander took the first steps to develop his own business at the beginning of the 2000s. However, he had a permanent workplace and did not want to combine the two types of activity. By 2010, the designer has accumulated enough knowledge of experience to start a project.

The brand’s primary position is to produce clothes for customers who are tired of chasing fashion trends. Despite the new lines, there are essential, standard series in every collection.  This is the position that distinguishes the philosophy of the brand. The Ami collections represent a harmonious interweaving of French sophistication, lightheartedness, and high fashion elements. The master is inspired to feats by the city’s incredible energy, in which he never ceases to fall in love.

Until 2011, Alexander worked for the benefit of fashion houses. Such as Christian Dior, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs. Working in the prestigious segment and developing clothes worth several thousand dollars, the designer did not leave the thought about the advisability of releasing this type of clothing. In all honesty, Mattiussi admitted to himself that he hardly wore such things. Therefore, he decided to found a company whose products combined affordability, good looks, Parisian charm, and style.

The main difference between the company is to not following modern trends of fashion. Alexander asks his friends what kind of clothes they want to wear and tries to satisfy their needs as much as possible. The master uses various proportions, canvases, and accessories, forming a real man’s ideal wardrobe.

Ami’s assortment includes only essential items – denim shirts, cotton trousers, sweaters and sweaters. The most sought-after and original model has become a landmark for the company and brought its popularity, an unassuming sweatshirt decorated with three capital letters from the brand name. This basic version later became the basis for a complete collection.


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In 2011, Alexander Mattiussi began experimenting with understandable men’s classics for every day: white tees and jumpers, navy blue trousers and gray plaid coats, light blue jersey shirts and vests, red beanie hats and cashmere turtlenecks. The search for a new interpretation of familiar ideas led to the creation of the AMI brand.

The created style was called by Mattiussi: the French version of American preppy. Avoiding prints and branding, the designer marks some of the models with the recognizable image of the red letter A with a heart. And in 2018, AMI launched a line of “menswear for women” – suits, trousers, and coats of traditional male silhouettes, adapted to the female figure.

The 2021 Spring/Summer ready-to-wear collection is full of familiar silhouettes. The classic AMI Paris hoodies with the red A heart logo will never go out of style. Formal shirts with short-sleeves will become a great addition not only for your traditional but also sporty streetwear look. If you love minimalistic and yet stylish beachwear, Ami got you back this season

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