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Autumn Coats – Style, Versatility and Big Impression

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The fashion for men’s coats has been confidently holding its positions for more than a decade because a coat is one of the most successful elements of outerwear in men’s wardrobe, which can satisfy everyday looks. Coats became a big part of an elegant and stylish outfit.

Men’s coats in 2020, oddly enough, today are positioned not only as a classic wardrobe item but can easily complement fashionable street looks, perfect with jeans or sweatpants, and can be combined with both formal-looking shoes and trendy sneakers.

Until recently, men’s coats were only worn by businessmen, for whom this element was essential to style with suits for restrained looks with formal trousers. Today everything has changed, and coats in 2020 are now worn with great pleasure by both young guys and businessmen who want to look flawless in everyday life.

Thanks to the variety of styles that men’s coats have today, every man will be able to choose the ideal option for himself, regardless of age and style preferences.

What we need to know about coats in 2020

Looking at fashion trends, you can identify several characteristic features of modern coat styles. First of all, men’s coats in recent collections focus on slightly loose fitted models and pay attention to textures. Fashionable men’s coats look great in your favorite autumn-winter colors but in particular basic shades such as black, beige, dark and light gray, and all shades of brown. Recently designers present more designs in white, camel, orange, Lilac, and red.

What coats designs to pay attention to?

Geometric Patterns (Plaid, Houndstooth and more)

Geometric prints are not just practical but they accentuate the look. Patterns might frighten some men since they can be hard ones to style, but it is not true. The key is to find the right shade with the right fit. If you wish to find a coat for any occasion go for basic neutral shades, you won’t go wrong with these!

Military Designs

Another style of men’s coats that is very popular in the winter 2020-2021 collections are military-style models. These coats are characterized by metallic buttons and semi-fitted silhouettes mostly in deep blue- this is an overcoat with a modern urban interpretation.

Light color Coats

Men’s coats of gray, milky shades in the winter of 2020-2021 can be considered the biggest trend of the season. Dazzling light tones of outerwear bring their touch of class and chic.

Double-breasted Elegance

In the cold weather, we advise you to pay attention to the classic double-breasted coats, decorated with two rows of buttons. Such coats for men can be seen both in a free cut and in a fitted one, depending on the purposefulness of the model. Double-breasted men’s coats are most often made in basic shades of the palette to easily combine this model with the entire spectrum of the wardrobe.

Contemporary Minimalism

Minimalistic looks are at the peak of popularity this season. Contemporary brands offer some of the most simple yet unforgettable designs. This type of coats is unique due to its simplicity and versatility since it can be styled in any possible way. These will look the most flattering on a younger gentleman for casual and streetwear look.

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