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Dolce & Gabbana: The Mestieri d’Arte

Dolce & Gabbana: The Mestieri d'Arte - 1
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Goodbye old-fashioned masculinity, hello comfort and practicality! Experience light-toned collection and delicate work of craftsmanship from Dolce&Gabbana in the Fall/Winter collection.

Cozy neutrals would be perfect to summarize the show as a whole. Dolce&Gabbana showed that men can look elegant and masculine without wearing suits. A huge step forward from manly into more relaxed and partially distressed looks. Meanwhile, women fashion moves to masculinity, men fashion goes vise versa. The show was fully in neutral color shades, from black to soft beiges.

For the Mestieri d’Arte Collection, the Dolce & Gabbana duo turned to the artisans behind every costume, pair of shoes, and accessories. The designers included clothes made from textured materials: chunky knit sweaters, canvas overalls, utility jackets with many pockets, wide leather pants, and coarse sheepskin outerwear. Some items are adorned with the symbolic inscriptions Craftsmanship and “Fatto A Mano”.

Influence of the New Generation

The designers decided to showcase plenty of tailors, knitters, and shoemakers from the staff team of the Maison, the show invited to its front-row several freshly faced online influencers, including vlogger Margot Lee, and TikTok stars, Gianmarco Rottaro, Marta Losito, Marco Cellucci, and the Baker brothers.

Luxury retailers beyond Dolce & Gabbana have adapted their marketing strategies to the growing youth-dominated world known as social media, capitalizing on the rising purchasing power and digital influence of Generation Z. Fashion companies better able to go viral by hiring a new generation of content creators and targeting a larger audience with increased credibility and relevance.

This is how a brand with a rich history remains relevant still until this day. Dolce&Gabbana knows how to attract new customers through contemporary design.


The first look of the show was already promising, largely knitted oversized sweater with an ombre effect. The sweater was styled with distressed velvet pants tucked into high boots. The look was completed with a newsboy beret hat, giving the whole look a slight feel of a working-class man. Dolce&Gabbana decided to introduce the new elegance of a man.

Deliberate brutality is emphasized not only by rough materials but also by considerably increased volumes of things. Oversized short jackets, pea jackets, and work trousers hinting at the typical gray uniforms of factory workers in the 1920s. The main accessory has also significantly increased in size – a huge knitted scarf, several times tied around the neck.

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