How Drôle de Monsieur Changed Fashion Stereotypes

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Drôle de Monsieur is a French brand founded in 2014 by two friends who are far from living in the fashion capital and have no experience designing clothes.

The brand creators Dany and Maxime consider themselves to be absolute outsiders of the fashion world. Creating their first collection, they were inspired by their motto: “Not from Paris, madam”, which carries the whole essence of the brand – it does not follow fashion trends, but conveys the sense of style of its founders.

The theme

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“In the fashion industry, if you are not from the capital city you don’t have the legitimacy to create a brand (..) “, said the founders of the brand and completely destroy this stereotype with their success.

Drôle de Monsieur has its origins based in the small town of Dijon, the brand name translates roughly as “funny gentleman,” with no previous background in the fashion industry, the brothers invented the term as part of their first collection, “Not from Paris Madame.” The quote can still be seen embroidered, written, and embossed around their clothes to this day, serving not only as an irony to their fashion capital underdog status and lack of industry experience but a now-iconic focal point of their central product.

The Drole de Monsieur brand has a special talent when it comes to its ability to cleverly blend a variety of contrasting themes, pulling from a broad selection of different sources. The brand conveniently mixes its vast range of raw content with a good dose of vivid hues and clear branding by blurring the boundaries that stand between anything from classic styling and modern minimalism to vintage cuts and on-trend development.

The brand prefers to use precise detailing, premium materials, and imaginative variations to bring playful twists to iconic classics and slight modifications to conventional sportswear. The outcome is anything from polished fitted tracksuits, silk football jerseys, and redesigned outerwear, all flowing with the classic taste of the Drole de Monsieur brand, to new sportswear, premium jeans, and bold jewelry items.


Each season, the brand launches a collection that reflects their non-gender outlook on fashion, while also combining modern performance and retro aesthetics. Each piece of clothing is designed for everyday life. Drôle de Monsieur’s contemporary design is an organic combination of comfort, clean lines, and precise details.

The Spring Summer 2021 collection was inspired by Cannes Croisette which is the beach located in St. Tropez. This collection presents pastel colors interpreted from the sceneries of the French Riviera. The designers focused on classic and relaxed models. The beautiful color palette is perfect for the upcoming season and pastel color trends in Spring and Summer 2021.

Social Presence of The Brand

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The Instagram of the French brand Drôle de Monsieur is a mood board in its best traditions. Here you can find archival photographs of cities, interiors, celebrities, advertising campaigns, pictures from magazines, screenshots of films and TV shows, and much more. You can find out, for example, how they were resting by the sea in the late 40s or how they used to imagine the cars of the future, remember Cindy Crawford as the MTV host or how fashionable Tyra Banks and Will Smith were in the sitcom The Prince of Beverly Hills.

All this reflects the aesthetics of the brand itself: Drôle de Monsieur clothing combines a modern approach with retro silhouettes, and besides, it is aimed at all people regardless of gender. The brand’s assortment includes monochromatic hoodies, complemented by a drawstring, soft trousers, and striped sweatshirts in the style of the 90s, oversized sherpa anoraks, plaid shirts, long-sleeved polos reminiscent of the football uniform of the past, and more.

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