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How Should Men Wear Patterns and Prints to Look Stylish?

quali stampe indossare per essere elegante
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Are you tired of lifeless and unexciting looks? Feel like your wardrobe need an update? But yet you are afraid of trying something new? For the last couple of seasons, men’s fashion collections add daring looks and colors.

However, that might not suitable for professional men with status. Yet, this is not exactly true because there is always room for some color and excitement in an outfit. The best way to spice up your wardrobe is to add a print or a pattern. Here are some of the prints and patterns you can try include in your daily and formal looks.

1. Camouflage Print

Military-style is almost the most popular trend of the season, so if you decide to wear a camouflage print, then it is now. Trousers, jackets, and T-shirts in camouflage colors. The elements of camouflage have long been in street fashion but in the fashion world, they have the opposite function. They do not merge you with the surrounding reality but instead make you stand out from the crowd.

How wear it?

If you do not serve in the army, then wearing two camouflage items in one set is not worth it. One jacket or sweatshirt is enough. Besides, they need to be styled with the simplest monochromatic things in neutral shades – for example, jeans or a dark shirt

What to buy?

In the first place – light jackets, in second place – a shirt or T-shirt, in third – trousers. Pants look too rough and sporty, although some daring fashionistas manage to wear them with classic jackets.

2. Floral Prints

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Men wore flowers, wear flowers and will wear flowers – period. Of course, first, you need to choose the right male pattern. The fact is that often floral prints are too delicate or too bright. Look for colorful flowers against a dark background or muted flowers against a light background. Light color floral prints are perfect for summer vacations by the beach and dark color florals for evening looks.

How to wear it?

Once again, stick to the universal rule of not wearing more than one floral item. The classic combinations: shirt with a print + jeans or casual pants, shorts with a print + a plain T-shirt. Elegant floral shirts can be styled with formal or tapered trousers.

What to buy?

A must-have for all men is the floral shirt. Maybe shorts. Everything else is optional and not for everyone. A sweatshirt with flowers is not suitable for everyone, and floral trousers will appeal only to the most experienced fashionistas


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The stripe is another print that has forever settled in a man’s wardrobe.  Striped T-shirts, jumpers – men are happy to wear things with this simple pattern. Striped blazers can look very stylish and formal and visually elongate your figure, making you look taller. The easiest way to add a print into your wardrobe is to choose striped pattern. Here are some of the examples:

4. Plaid

How Should Men Wear Patterns and Prints to Look Stylish? - 14

Probably the most favorite men’s print. The plaid can be worn to your advantage both in everyday and business looks. The plaid softens the strict look,  a simple dark blazer and a dark blazer in a plaid pattern look completely different. If you decide to wear a black suit, change the simple formal blazer into a plaid one for stylish yet still formal look.

The first outfit above is casual and elegant, but the second look fits perfectly into the vintage and even formal style. The third outfit is casual with a street style vibe. In general, a checkered print is universal – you don’t need to invent anything complicated with it, this print looks elegant, stylish, and very neat on any occasion

5.Geometric Patterns

How Should Men Wear Patterns and Prints to Look Stylish? - 17

Men like to wear geometric prints as much as plaid. In geometry prints, everything is clear, smooth, and understandable. And in the collections of brands, there are any patterns: circles, rhombuses, rectangles, triangles.

How to wear it?

One look, one print. No need to wear a diamond shirt, polka-dot tie, and plaid jacket at the same time. If the print is very bright, match it with a monochromatic background of muted shades (black, dark blue). Then your outfit will be color-balanced and stylish

What to buy

Geometric prints can adorn shirts, T-shirts, jackets, or shorts. And, of course, accessories: ties and scarves.

6. Fun Patterns

How Should Men Wear Patterns and Prints to Look Stylish? - 22

Both the leopard and the zebra are perfectly acceptable and even cool! With strict adherence to color nuances and a minimalist approach to the issue. There shouldn’t be too many prints in one look.

Styling Tips About Patterns

One Pattern in One Look

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When there is only one piece with a pattern in the outfit, it seems that no rules are needed – take it and wear it. This is not entirely true. A print can change the proportions of a figure, both for the better and for the worse. For example, if you wear a jacket with an expressive plaid, you visually add height to yourself, focusing on the upper body. Pants with a noticeable check add volume to the hips. But thin or small versions of this pattern behave more obediently – they do not show too much. The look above presents perfect balance of minimalism in colors and yet excitement with the animal printed shoes-sleeved shirt. It is an important rule to follow because you can never go wrong with this.

The Size Matters

How Should Men Wear Patterns and Prints to Look Stylish? - 26

The size of any print is important because it requires taking into account the scale of the figure and the features of the face. Do not forget about height and complexion: prints should be proportional to the body. Balance is important. A corpulent figure can be damaged by a print that is too large, which can add volume but smaller print will clearly define your figure.

Mix it

How Should Men Wear Patterns and Prints to Look Stylish? - 27

How to mix different prints? Could there be a shirt in plaid and a tie with polka dots? Definitely yes! And the closer the elements of these drawings are in size, the more likely they are to make friends. Simply put, for the stripe and the plaid to combine into a beautiful duet, they must either be the same in width or differ by two to three times (not one and a half or three and a quarter).

Never Forget the Accessories

How Should Men Wear Patterns and Prints to Look Stylish? - 28

Clothing prints can be friends not only with each other but also with accessories. With a tie – of course, with socks – why not!

For example, polka dot on a tie and socks may well be a good tandem. Pasche forms a logical visual row with the same tie and shirt. By “pattern” we can conventionally mean both embossings on a watch strap or a trouser belt, and finishing on shoes.  Adding accessories in general give a cool upgrade to your entire look!

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