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How to Look Stylish in Colder Seasons

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I bet you have had times when in colder seasons you feel uncomfortable because of the large number of clothes. It does not only limit your movements but takes away the joy of colder weather. Warm-season in this regard gives much more freedom. But if you carefully study the basic wardrobe of warm clothes, the characteristics of fabrics, you will understand that in winter you can look stylish and feel warm and free. To do this, we prepared options below of clothes you need to look stylish and some of the trends that can take your warm outfit to the next level.

Warm Must-Haves


n winter, the clothes with geese and other bird feathers are the best. Inexpensive, reliable, and practical. Vests are thin and quilted. The first option is from polyester of muted colors (well, or knitted from woolen or acrylic threads). These models allow you to wear it over a shirt, hoodie, and even blazer!

Therefore, vests are usually worn during times of temperature change – in the fall, when it is already cold in the spring mornings and still warm during the day. Besides, this stylish piece is the best friend of any driver. Here are some of the best picks of the current season.

Pea Coat

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How to dress a man in winter to look like a gentleman? Choose a woolen double-breasted coat up to mid-thigh in classic colors, which is dark blue, black, and gray. This model was once created by the Dutch and adopted by British sailors. Deep pockets will hide your hands from the cold, and a wide collar can be raised – it will be not only stylish but also warm because this way you will hide part of your face from the wind.

The Optimal Pair of Jeans

The main signs of fashionable men’s jeans will be the presence of cuffs, the absence of unnecessary decor (zippers in unnecessary places, extra seams, accessories, etc.), and most importantly – the classic blue color and straight cut. The effect of aged denim is also stylish, however, you should take this trend responsibly, since an excess of it can negatively affect the entire appearance.

The Trends to Upgrade Your Warm Look in 2021

Oversized Outerwear

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It’s still here, oversize clothes and it’s characteristic of free cuts, which will be reflected in the best models of down jackets and jackets, so loved by active young men. Fashionable men’s down jackets are made in bright colors, non-standard printed versions, basic dark colors and combined models.

The Colorful Sweater

Fashion dictates its own rules and in men’s sphere of the fashion industry with each new season, less and less masculinity remains, as evidenced by the fashionable novelties of  sweaters in bright colors. A bright sweater will perfectly fit into an informal style of clothing. It is best to complement a multi-colored men’s sweater with dark blue jeans, and you can wear a shirt under the bottom.

Beanie or The Fisherman Hat

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Beanies (knitted hats without strings and perfectly fitting the head) are short and long, with and without a lapel or pattern and other details. You can choose any model. But the most relevant “fishing” version this season looks like this: a miniature hat, which is worn on the top of the head and does not stretch over the ears or covers them just slightly. If you have watched the movie “Leon”, then this is the type of headdress worn by the main character. So be guided by Jean Reno as a model – you won’t go wrong.

Black Crossbody Bag

Such bags are not that roomy, but they look incredibly stylish. It is better to choose options from matte dark eco-leather, however, fabric crossbody will also add chic to the outfit.

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