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How to Make Sporty Outfit Look Chic?

come rendere chic un abbigliamento sportivo
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The sporty style is one of the key trends in fashion. Such clothes are characterized by comfort and convenience.

Today, sportswear fashion is not only worn by street style fashionistas with a love for comfort. Sportswear for men is like a lifestyle. The style can be worn at the gym, for a run in the park, or on casual occasions in the city. But how to make the sporty style look high-fashion?

The first clothing for sports began to be used in the XIV century. It was created to go hiking. But there is another version, which says that sportswear was first worn in the 19th century. At that time, they began to actively conduct mass events dedicated to sports.

The separation of sports style into a separate direction took place in the 70s. They then began to promote a healthy lifestyle, and sneakers appeared on sale, which quickly became popular among fashionistas. The key features of this style are simplicity and convenience.

What is Sport-Chic?

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The sport-chic trend is gaining popularity every year, and more and more guys are including sneakers and other sportswear elements into their style.

The name sport-chic has two roots – sport and chic. Therefore, in addition to the sporting element, there should also be an accent responsible for chic. Such an accent can be a fashionable print, an aspect of a classic style, or a light color scheme

How to Put Together an Ultimate Look?

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Fashion dictates its own rules about what men of different ages should wear. The key to creating a successful male image is a brilliant combination of things. Polo looks excellent in combination with sweatshirts. The original detail of this style is a sports jacket, combined with trousers with a straight fit.

Don’t be afraid to use accessories – they act as a finishing touch. These can be sunglasses, preferably in bright/light colors. A wristwatch can also fit into a sporty look. Choose this accessory according to your personal preferences and lifestyle. The best headwear for winter is warmed knitted hats decorated with logos. For warm weather, bandanas and caps are great. You can complete your summer look with a baseball cap.

1. Give preference to plain sweatshirts with original prints

2. Include no more than two bright sports elements at the same time. Otherwise, the look will be too sporty.

3. Primary colors (black, blue, gray, white) combined with an acid color accent create the desired sport-chic mood.

4. White is always stylish. If the look is too simple, add a white element.

5. Stylish Sneakers with Cool Design

6. Experiment with caps. The right one will suit you

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