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Palm Angels- The High Fashion & Streetwear

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The clothing that combines street style and high fashion, Palm Angels is a very young brand that made its debut in 2015. The founder is the art director of the famous Italian house “Moncler” Francesco Ragazzi, who created Palm Angels. Today it is a well-known brand with fans around the world. Palm Angels is for daring, bright, and courageous young people who love fashion.

Brand Establishment

Brand’s headquarters are located in Italy, but this does not define the direction of the style. The designer was inspired by the looks of the Los Angeles skate culture. Ragazzi saw something unusual, stylish, and unique in everyday things. He wanted to create things that reflect his subjective view of the life of American skateboarders.

The Palm Angels is now a favorite shopping destination for hip hop, street style, and street sports fans. Palm angels apparel is in demand among NBA players and hip-hop artists, pulling their fans into the ranks of the brand’s lovers. Recognizable contrasting logos, bright combinations immediately became hits among young people who want to erase the difference between luxury clothing and street style

Many famous fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Gucci have tried to adopt streetwear elements but these steps were timid and uncertain – brands of this recognition cannot risk introducing such innovations. Francesco Ragazzi saw the future in this direction and without a doubt embodied it, fully experiencing the style and adapting it to a higher level.

Popularity came from the trend of the collaboration of influential labels with rappers. In particular, artists from this genre have significantly helped promote the brand in Asia. That was a real breakthrough, as Asian performers are more prepared than Western ones for eccentric performances, bold outfits, and bright costumes. The designer was not only inspired by the popularity in Asia, but also by the region itself.

Distinctive Features of Palm Angels Clothing

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The brand belongs to the luxury segment, but stands out for its practicality – the Palm Angels pants not only look like streetwear, but they are streetwear. The most popular product from Palm Angels is T-shirts – almost all fans of street and skate culture wants to own one. The sporty cut, combined with the Gothic lettering, accurately conveys the message of danger, categorization, and confidence. These qualities are inherent in the target audience of the brand.

It is customary to combine such clothes not only with sports accessories but also with classic ones. For example, a Palm Angels tracksuit can be styled with sneakers, worn under a bomber jacket or a classic coat. Shoes also stand out for their special style – at Palm Angels, sneakers can be both comfortable and stylish.

Of course, the brand’s design will be appreciated only by the progressive cultural contingent – in the hinterland, you will not surprise anyone with sports pants with stripes. These are clothes for representatives of the new formation, free from stereotypes, who want and can make themselves known. Palm Angels for a short time of its existence managed to turn into a cult brand, and its admirers have become a special group that stands out among any subcultures.

The Collection

The collections of the brand are a tandem of Italian and American cultures in the modern vision.

Today Palm Angels is a demanded and recognizable trademark that is liked by bright, bold, and daring young people who know a lot about fashion and know how to choose the best.

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