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Street style will live forever with GCDS

Street style will live forever with GCDS - 1
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"God Can't Destroy Street Wear"

GCDS is a bold sportswear brand that reflects the mood of city streets. The design and production are carried out in Milan. The brand combines Italian chic, unforgettable Milanese energy, and the spirit of a sports subculture. Bold & dynamic, all in one look!

The history of the GCDS company takes back to 2015. The company was founded by two brothers, Giuliano and Giordano Calza. The brand is known for its symbolic inscriptions and logos on jumpers, sweatshirts, bombers, and jackets.

The Founders

Giuliano Calza was born in 1988 in Naples, Italy. After studying political science, he moved to Milan to pursue a master’s degree in marketing and communication at Bocconi University. At 23, he won a scholarship to Shanghai University where he studied Chinese and decided to spend another 4 years to gain as much knowledge of the Chinese market as possible, starting his business.

The Vision

Street style will live forever with GCDS - 2

Calza brothers took over the streetwear market. The brand is a collection of memories and impressions through Giuliano Calza’s traveling and life in Asia. The brand offers a wide range of comfortable clothing for the youth audience, which is distinguished by a recognizable design with ironic drawings in sports and street style. Calza says the rise of streetwear in the high fashion world is due to the ubiquitous nature of fast fashion. “People see Zara and H&M doing everything. Streetwear is something that is still very accessible to people. Even in terms of price, this is something that people can still relate to. They feel there is a community behind it. This is something that Zara and other brands cannot do. “

The philosophy of the company is aimed at protesting against conservatism and outdated solutions, promoting freedom of expression, independence, and emancipation. The troublemaker character of clothing is due to the young age of the designers. Therefore, the company keeps pace with the times, being on the same wavelength as the key segment. The products are currently available in retail outlets around the world.

The collection

In the main collection, GCDS presents seasonal must-haves that will suit any stylish and streetwear lover. Even though street-style is slowly evolving in recent years but it seems like nothing can destroy streetwear even the god himself. The brand gained a special place in fashionistas heart for its’ contemporary and fresh approach to essential classics. At GCDS, the logo is again part of the design as a decoration. A street anthem that is energizing and irreverent ironic. Especially noteworthy: all clothing production is limited to the cities of Bergamo and Barletta. This can be observed in every garment made by the Calza brothers.

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