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Sweater Trends FW 2020

Sweater Trends FW 2020 - 1
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Sweater, jumper, hoodie, cardigan, sweatshirt and sweatshirt are all varieties of winter clothing, which men often call with one general word “sweaters”. But all these, without exaggeration  have their own  unique characteristics.

For example, popular among both men and women are knitted sweaters with a collar and long sleeves. A men’s jumper is the same sweater, only without a collar. Kurt Cobain loved to wear cardigans, and without a fashionable sweatshirt it is impossible to imagine a single popular rapper.

Choosing the right sweater for men is not easy. The different patterns, colors, textures, and cuts confuse men. The constant change in fashion trends does not facilitate an already difficult choice. Designers still offer new versions of menswear every year. Don’t worry, we’ve prepared a guide to men’s sweaters that will make it easy to choose the right pattern and cut. What are the options?

Sweater Trends Fall/ Winter 2020

Jumper or Pullover

A classic example of how sportswear became casual and if not part of the office style. A jumper is a sweater without a neckline. Actually, this is what distinguishes it from the classical understanding of a sweater. The neckline can be round or triangular. Previously, it was used by athletes in outdoor competitions in cold weather. It all looked stylish, and therefore the jumpers quickly became popular on people who were not involved in sports.


In fact, this is type of outerwear has spread from a woman’s wardrobe to a man’s. You, of course, may disagree, but cardigans look more stylish on a man than on women. Moreover, in 2020, elongated cardigans will come into fashion even more. 


It’s time to get back to harsh roots! If you really want a real sweater that will perform its direct functions, namely, warm you in severe frosts, there is only one choice, a real sweater with a high neck. Woolen, prickly, with a thick high collar, the color of that very Spanish tobacco. No geometric patterns. Authenticity  and brutality.

Sweater Trends Fall/ Winter 2020​

Solid color sweaters & fashionable colors of winter 2020-2021

A solid-colored sweater is perhaps the most popular choice of a men’s winter wardrobe. Modern models of 2020-2021 can be worn under classic trousers, jeans and even under a jacket. Men usually don’t bother with the choice of color, preferring dark shades of blue, green, brown and gray.

The fashionable colors of the winter of 2020-2021 suggests adding a little bright colors. Among the favorites of the season are shades of red, burgundy, yellow, orange. Do not forget about the classics too: black, beige and white are very popular in winter fashion 2020-2021.

Sweaters with prints

Fashionable men’s sweaters 2020-2021 can be with bright cheerful patterns. And this is not only about the popular Christmas prints. Beautiful ornaments, inscriptions, symbols and various kinds of prints will noticeably complete a look for the winter of 2020-2021.

Geometric Pattern

Geometry is one of the main fashion trends for the winter of 2020-2021. In a man’s wardrobe, just like in a woman’s, there must be at least one thing in a plaid, strip or diamond pattern. In cold weather, such sweaters can be worn on top of a shirt or slightly “hidden” under a jacket. Such casual-style combinations are perfect for creating business men’s looks for the winter of 2020-2021.

Knitted Sweater

A knitted or crocheted sweater is perhaps the warmest and cozy clothes that a a man can wear in the winter of 2020-2021. Modern models of knitted sweaters will appeal primarily to those who follow fashion. Indeed, this season, chunky knit models, sweaters with aranas, braids and Scandinavian patterns are very popular.

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