The Famous Paisley Print of Etro

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Enticing patterns, endless lines with an oriental character, and, of course, bright ornaments – that’s all about Etro.

Etro is an Italian company that opened its doors in 1968. The founder of the company, Gerolamo Etro, inherited a small weaving factory. To update production, Etro bought modern equipment and noble fabrics: cashmere, silk, linen, cotton. Gerolamo wanted to study ancient manuscripts and paintings, collect old costumes, books, and art. The enthusiasm for different motives of the West and the East’s peoples was reflected in the production of fabrics and later clothing. This feature has made the brand distinctive, noticeable, and unique.

It took him over 35 years to create the company. Today his whole family, three sons and a daughter are involved in this business. Everyone is doing their job, and this is a vivid example of a family business. Girolamo himself says that it is thanks to the children’s initiative that the family business flourished, and its products meet the most demanding requirements of fans.

The Etro Style

Etro’s Pegasus logo is a symbol of creativity, beauty, and positive energy. It combines two principles: the earthly and the sublime.

The company is famous for its original combinations of patterns and colors. The trademark’s business card is the paisley pattern. The clothes are bright enough and with unusual prints, but at the same time, they are not at all striking or irritating. On the contrary, there is a desire to study the details for a long time, to consider them in trifles.

The signature “Turkish Cucumbers” print appeared after the founder of the band traveled to India. He took a traditional pattern and tried to implement it in different modern variations, painting in new colors, embellishing with embroidery, creating unusual combinations. This detail has become a classic and is always present in some form in every collection.

Etro Clothing

“Turkish cucumber” is a universal pattern that is impossible to get tired of. And this is Etro’s merit because the brand uses the ornament atypically, constantly modifying it and playing with it in new interpretations.

Experiments with shapes, looks, and design allow you to make the same pattern utterly different in the mood: some things look like a must-have attribute of a hippie, and some – like sensual and lovely classics.

Lovers of elegance and restraint will also find exciting solutions for themselves in Etro’s collections. The corporate identity is far from flashiness and pretentiousness. It is closer to calm, refers us to ancient peoples’ world wisdom, meditations under the setting sun. The lines are not tied to trends, although they are annually recognized by the fashion community.

Not everyone can muster the courage to wear such original clothes, so the brand also offers a relatively large number of essential items without too unusual details. There is a terse but elegant Etro dress with a small ornament in the form of a decoration or a business Etro shirt for a serious man who appreciates not only quality but also the originality of clothes.


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From year to year, the design team does not lose the ability to express their views directly and in an original way. Even one small detail will change your image dramatically when it comes to the thing of this brand.

There are accessories for men and women. Ties, scarves, shawls, hats are popular. But one of the most popular Etro destinations is bags. You should know about Etro bags – each of them is created using manual labor. Therefore, an individual number is indicated on the product label. This is one of the ways to authenticate.

Etro’s fashion empire has its own unique, recognizable style, combining ethnic motives with elegant chic and classic taste. The brand is famous for producing expensive high-quality fabrics, a line of fashionable clothes, accessories, famous stoles, and shawls. Etro was first introduced into the world of haute couture “Indian cucumber” or “paisley,” which has become an integral part of ethnic style clothing.

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