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Wearing Accessories and Rules you need to follow

regole per indossare gli accessori
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Accessories- no outfit is complete without them. It’s like pasta without the sauce, butter and bread, olive and martini. Well, you get the idea. But sometimes, it can be challenging to understand how to integrate an accessory into your outfit. There are a couple of rules and cheat codes to find a perfect accessory match for your look.

Rule 1.

Wearing Accessories and Rules you need to follow - 1

Accessories should be the same color or repeat the color of a specific item of clothing. That is, if you have shoes of a particular color, then take it as a basis and buy yourself a belt and a bag of the same color. And whatever you wear, you will always look stylish!

Rule 2.

Accessories should be made of expensive genuine leather. They should be similar in texture. That is, the leather of your shoes and accessories can be rough and unprocessed, or smooth, textured like reptile skin or suede – it is better not to interfere differently textured materials together.

Rule 3.

Wearing Accessories and Rules you need to follow - 8

Accessories should be in the same style. It is more difficult with this rule. It is quickly done by professional stylists, having a lot of knowledge and experience, but determining your type even after studying many rules will be difficult.

There are many classifications and definitions of style, but each person is unique and has, as a rule, a mixture of different types in different proportions. To not go into details and make it simple, we will classify accessories according to hair color. It’s simple: if you have blonde hair – choose light accessories, dark hair – dark accessories! You can always break those rules, but it will definitely help while making purchases.

Type 1. Blondes and redheads.

Type 1. Blondes and redheads.

This type is also called natural. It includes blondes, red-haired men, and light-blond types with a soft oval face or a round or wide nose (nose is a dominant facial feature). They often have wavy or even curly hair and tend to have fair skin.

Such people often give the impression of being gentle, calm, simple, seem kind and adore nature. Therefore, the clothes’ primary colors should be natural, light, not bright – all shades of beige, brown, green, sky blue.

Accordingly, the accessories will be in beige-red-brown tones. Choose accessories in soft suede or coarse, matte leather. Also, “braided” accessories are suitable for men of a natural type – these can be belts and watch straps.

Amber accessories are also a favorite topic of men with a clear ethnic appearance, dark-haired, and good reason because ethnicity is closeness to nature.

Type 2. Light brown hair.

It includes men with fair and dark blond hair with regular facial features, a broad chin, noticeable cheekbones – such classic, beautiful faces as in most actors. At first glance, one can say about such a man that he is serious, strict, restrained. The colors considered classics are most suitable for men with light brown hair – gray, blue, and brown.

The basic men’s wardrobe for brown-haired men is built either on gray, blue, or brown. To understand what color to take as a basis in accessories, you should start from your eyes’ color. If you have light brown hair and gray or blue eyes, you can buy gray and blue accessories.

The blue color of accessories will definitely be a winner in your wardrobe, especially if you like to wear jeans.

Previously, black was considered a classic. Now brown can be called a classic – brown shoes are worn with gray and blue suits.

Type 3. Brunettes.

Such men give the impression of toughness, sharpness, brutality. They have a stern disposition, a strong character. If you have such an appearance, especially watch your body – men of this type should be fit and physically strong.

Men of this type of appearance usually have dark, almost black hair, dark or blue eyes, low, like frowning eyebrows. As for clothing, this type prefers black more than others. If the dress is black, the accessories should also be black.

If you have this type of appearance and choose black, you can be original with material texture – it can be an imitation of a snake or a crocodile skin. It will suit you. You can also use unusual shapes – a large bag, a watch of a non-standard shape and designer shoes to finish the look.

If you find this boring and long gone, add brightly colored accessories to your look. You can rest assured: dark-haired types are precisely those men who can pull off  bright colors. So be bolder! Take the risk of buying yourself a watch with a colorful strap, choose shoes, pullover, scarf, belt for them, and you will look organic and harmonious in bright accessories!

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