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What is Streetwear Culture, Is It Really Dead?

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Street style is becoming more and more popular and captures the whole world with its simplicity, combined with originality and showiness. Today anyone can try it, world-known celebrities choose this trend in their daily and even creative lives.

Popular street style is a clothing style that was born not on the catwalks, but the streets. The very appearance of such a term as street style is associated with Japan. It was there that street style became a unique and unlike anything else phenomenon. But back in the 80s, the first trends of this style appeared among surfers in Los Angeles. Street fashion has roots in the cultures of skaters and surfers. Later, adding elements of hip-hop, high fashion, and Japanese street fashion.

The way we know street style now is far from what it was a couple of decades ago. Like many other trends, street style is changing, becoming more creative and diverse. Large cities, especially those that are considered to be the fashion capitals of the world, have their street fashion.

The Style Development

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At the end of the 90s and the beginning of the 21st-century giants like Supreme and BAPE and many others were at the peak of popularity. Each of them used Stussy’s tactics and started the business with T-shirts that were often nearly impossible to buy. The dominant position was taken by skaters – they created brands and they also played a key role in their distribution. This was the moment when the first wave of streetwear went to the masses thanks to hip-hop.

The second wave claimed to be a substitute for luxury – bright and memorable logos made it possible to stand out on the street even in a simple T-shirt. Resale prices for limited-edition items like the 2008 Supreme Kermit Tee started at $ 400-500 – comparable to the Gucci or Fendi range. Already at this stage, the more forward-thinking designers have noticed that segment collisions are inevitable.

Today, streetwear culture can come at any price range and design. Streetwear culture is a unique combination of fashion trends and your view of style. However, it comes with rules and tips if you wish to include them in your wardrobe.

Street Fashion Rules

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You do not need to be a fashion expert to dress in street style – just know these simple rules:

  1. Convenience. Exceptionally comfortable clothing models are selected that will allow you to feel confident throughout the day.

2.Self-expression. This is an important part of the street style for women and men. Now everyone has the right to dress according to their taste, and not just the trends offered by fashion magazines.

3.Uniqueness. Even though when drawing up a men’s street style outfit, it is not at all necessary to use branded and luxury items that have a high cost, you need to make sure that the resulting image looks impressive. This style’s idea is separation from the “gray mass” with original combinations and unusual things. But street style doesn’t like pretentiousness. Therefore, it is enough to add a youth or original T-shirt to your outfit to look cool.

Things to remember:

– original look, high-quality and super-fashionable

– comfort

– elegant shoes and original accessories will transform the simplest everyday clothes into a sophisticated outfit

– a casual look should contain one bright detail

– experiments

– layering is one of the main trends for street style

– personal style is the main thing that will make you stand out from the crowd

Significant Brands and Faces

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Alexander Wang gave a strong impetus to the development of modern streetwear. Starting his career at a young age, he paid attention to street trends, so the very first collections reflected sportswear inspiration – premium and even experimental materials were used to produce minimalist silhouettes. Those whom we know well today came for him: Off-White, Heron Preston, YEEZY, Vetements, Palace, and others. However, these brands have appeared recently – they were all born with streetwear in their blood. The full-fledged entry into the game of mastodons such as Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and Prada means the transition of streetwear from subculture to purely current fashion.

Is it "Dying"?

The street style that was born back in the 80s is dead? Over time, street style remains one of the coolest styles in the fashion industry. The shift from Japanese culture to Hip-Hop culture and Fashion Weeks Street Style occurred as society and fashion trends change. There are no borders and limits to this fashion statement, just like for your imagination. Imagination and personal taste what matters at the end of the day. Your interpretation of Street Style might vary from someone else, yet it has two things in common: comfort and self-expression.

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