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White Trousers- The Symbol of Warmer Seasons

pantaloni bianchi collezioni estive
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White jeans or trousers are the symbols of the warmer season! That is a valid reason to own a pair.

White trousers bring visual freshness to any wardrobe. It may not be the most practical wardrobe item but it is very convenient while styling outfits.

White is a neutral color that you can pair with almost any shade. A combination of a white bottom and a gray, blue shirt, or blue (relaxed blazer) top looks remarkable. Outfits with a brown and beige shirt or a jacket, work great. Contrasting combinations with a black top will be much riskier in this regard. Here are some ways of how to style white jeans or trousers in a flattering way!

Head-to-toe White

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For the past few months, you may have been dressed in all black from head to toe. Monochrome looks are always in fashion. Plus, a monochromatic combination is a stylish option for guys who like to look stylish without worrying about what to wear.

Did you know that the same applies to white? This summer is popular for light monochrome clothing that looks great in a clean and ironed form. Wear white jeans with a plain white t-shirt or collarless shirt. Complete your ensemble with a pair of white sneakers or minimalist sneakers to add a touch of freshness to your look.

Color Contrast

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White and black are two achromatic colors. These colors are also referred to as “the color killers” because they create a sharp contrast to other hues. Try pairing white pants with the darker shade most men like – navy blue. You get a sophisticated sailing look. However, color block looks might visually cut your figure into two by making you look visually shorter. In this case, when trying to pair white trousers with contrasting darker shades be very careful. Therefore, use a dark shade of blue, grey, or green.

Formal Combos

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For weddings, designers always offer a wide variety of different options. For a more formal wedding ceremony, a light suit will do.

However, if the wedding is going to take place in a relatively relaxed atmosphere, you have the opportunity to experiment with your usual clothes. Pair your white jeans with an unlined linen blazer and a cool blue chambray shirt. This look will make you the best dressed in white, not counting the bride, of course.

Tighter Fit

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Younger guys prefer skinny jeans with a lot of detail. You have to be pretty daring to wear white jeans. That is especially true for those men who work out in the gym – they have too inflated leg muscles.

But for people with a thin build, the choice of tight-fitting white clothing is an ideal option. However, you should pay special attention to how these clothes fit you. It should not be too long or baggy to prevent the fabric from gathering in wrinkles, which will make you look sloppy.

Interesting Styling

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Many people think that choosing light-colored jeans does not allow dark-colored shoes. Instead of this statement, try pairing white jeans with a pair of black trainers or deep brown loafers for a more sophisticated look. Alternatively, you can opt for a pair of beige deserts or dusty blue suede boat shoes.

More About Choosing The Right Shoes

Matching shoes correctly to your white trousers is very important. You can wear shoes of any color with white trousers, you need to do it carefully. Black shoes should be avoided. Except when it is casual pants or jeans, and with them a black T-shirt and a black jacket – in such a set, black is still the main color, so the shoes can be black. Shoes in brown, blue, wine shades may be more appropriate. We should also mention blue suede shoes – this combination looks especially impressive. Casual trousers – white jeans or chinos – will work with any sneakers or moccasins, as long as they are not completely white.

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